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We are Catering Authentic Italian Food 

That’s Amore is catering Italian Food in and around Boynton Beach area. We are always happy to see you at our restaurant, but if you are planning an event home, we will be happy to make your favorite Italian dishes for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Peace of mind:

We cook, you have fun! How does it sound? You need peace of mind that someone that you trust will provide a delicious food for your guests. Contact That’s Amore to plan a stress-free next big event. Wherever it’s a Birthday celebration, Game night, Picnic with friends, Superbowl party or just an informal family and friends get-together, we will be happy to help you to make your event and amazing success! Of course, Italian food is always a great choice. 

High Quality Ingredients from Italy:

We have provided food for numerous family gatherings and events in and around Boynton Beach area. Don’t be surprised if our Authentic Homemade Italian dishes will be the subject of the conversation among your guests.

If you are celebrating an important day, so why would you have food that is not as fresh and delicious as it should be? We cook from scratch, we are catering Italian food that will always be fresh and made to order. Moreover, we use mostly the ingredients that are imported from Italy, only high quality cheeses, Prosciutto di Parma, Porcini mushrooms, Buffalo Mozzarella… Only the best!

Personalized Menu:

We are constantly changing our menu, so please keep in mind, that if you would like a dish which is not on our current CATERING Menu, we will make every effort to make it happen for you. 

Click here to see our CATERING Menu. 561-801-4842 / [email protected]

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